The Ultimate Missouri Uncontested Divorce Checklist

Here ate two tools to help you and your spouse talk about the nuts and bolts of your divorce. Use these to make sure you have talked about all of the major topics that will need to be decided in order to get divorced.

The first in the packet is a checklist. If you and your spouse can check off each box on the list, you are in great shape to obtain an uncontested divorce. That means that you have settled your divorce before it is filed, and you can ask the judge to sign the divorce decree and approve your marital settlement agreement after the minimum 30 days has passed. This is typically the fastest, least stressful, and most affordable way to get divorced.

The second is a worksheet. This is designed to help you and your spouse think through in more detail all of the topics in the checklist. Too often, spouses think they have reached a quick agreement, only to be frustrated later when things fall apart because something important was missed.

As you work through the list, keep in mind that even if you are not able to reach an agreement, talking about all of these items will help you identify where you are stuck and where you agree, which brings you one step closer to the resolution of your marriage. Our website has a lot of useful information to help you decipher anything that is not familiar. Be sure to read the post on what is and isn’t marital property before you start. If you have lots of questions as you work through this, that is a good sign you could use the help of a professional attorney or family mediator.

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